Who dis boy?

Hey there!

If you expected Loulou to pop up on your screen, I’m sorry to disappoint you… it’s only an intern who is called Michiel who does Loulou João’s communication. Nevertheless, seeing that you clicked on the blog post, my pretty face must have inspired you to move your mouse onto the post, click on it and to have already read four entire lines of this post. I like you already!

Now that you already know my name, I’ll allow myself to further introduce myself. The short and boring version is: I’m a 22-year old student studying multilingual communication at Ghent University and I’m doing my internship at Loulou João until June. In other words, the typical stuff that everybody says when presenting themselves in-class each school year or when meeting your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s parents. However, up to the fun stuff know! If I had to present myself in one sentence I would say I’m a “happy gay guy who does dumb stuff on a daily basis and who loves communication, all things esthetically pleasing, all that jazz. Now let me debunk that sentence for you into three parts. First of all, I’m a happy gay guy. Being gay means that I have a wonderful boyfriend, that I save the world from overpopulation etc. But by far the best thing is that I have a double wardrobe seeing that I can wear all my boyfriend’s clothes. Secondly, (apparently) I do dumb stuff all day. For example, yesterday evening I tried to heat some food in a metal pot in the microwave. Seeing that the heat-resistant oven dishes were dirty and that I was too lazy to do the dishes, microwaving a metal pot seemed a good solution. Well… apparently, it’s not. Something with overheating, explosions, sparks and the likes. At last, I love all things concerning communication, social media, design… This is also the main reason why I decided to apply for the internship at Loulou João. I love her site and the vibe it gives. I love the colors she uses for her corporate identity. What can I say? I just love it. Therefore, when I saw the opportunity to apply for the internship and do the communication, I just had to. And voila, here I am, doing the job I like at a lovely office with a wonderful boss.

Nevertheless, now that I have had my five minutes of fame, I’ll disappear from the spotlights. In fact, it is actually my job to put Loulou João’s brand in the center of attention. So without further ado, I’ll let you enjoy Loulou João’s apparel, artwork and printwork and the new content I’ll create as a communication officer!



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