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You might know that Loulou João is an exquisite illustrator, but did you know that she also fights for a greener and healthier planet? Well know you know, because with the new plastic awareness wallpaper she tries to raise her voice against plastic pollution.

Even though plastic waste is an issue that everybody is in the know of, only a few seem to take it very seriously. Just take a quick look around yourself and you’ll see that plastic is everywhere. Unfortunately, it has become such an omnipresent material that it even harms our planet, its fauna as well as its flora. In order to try and resolve this unfortunate situation, Loulou João believes that every single person should first become aware of the risks of plastic, hence the new wallpaper which portrays plastic bags. Now why is plastic so harmful? Firstly, it simply never goes away. It is a material that is made to last forever, yet a third of all plastic is only used once and then simply thrown away. As a result, it is everywhere. Seeing that it is everywhere, it has a huge impact on nature and animals. Here are some facts to prove it: over 260 species have been reported to have ingested or become entangled in plastic, only 8 percent of plastic gets recycled and more than 250 million ton of plastic floats at sea. However, it does not only affect mother nature, but also our own lives and society. You might have read about seagulls or turtles choking on plastic waste or swallowing it. Nevertheless, we too ingest plastic on a daily basis due to polluted ground water or small amounts of toxic chemicals that leach out of plastic. Consequently, plastic has been found in the blood and tissue of nearly all of us. Later in life this might cause an increased chance of cancer, birth defects, impaired immunity etc.

After this life-changing information, I hope that I didn’t freak you out. Or maybe I do, because with this information in mind, you too can make a difference even by doing small things. For example, by downloading the free plastic awareness wallpaper designed by Loulou João, you can make your surroundings aware of plastic pollution and its harmful effects.

So spread the love and make this world a better place!

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