3D illustration & animation // life of miss focket // clients include: Adobe, Adult Swim, Burning Man, The New Yorker, etc // US & UK represented by Snyder New York

From the end of August until the beginning of September (2020) I spent 2 weeks at the impossible library for their very first residency.

After browsing through their intriguing collection of publications I discovered that I was reflecting on the past couple summer months. From political unrest, BLM, lockdown to my work getting noticed/ shared. Resulting in a massive increase of followers and commissions I didn’t even dare dream about. All of this turned into quite the emotional whirlwind. I was feeling overwhelmed and excited but also guilty. The seasonal imposter syndrome flared up, I was scared to fail.

Eventually I decided to use the visual input from the publications to create the Pink Palace Of Reflection. A place where there are rooms filled with doubt, everyday occurrences that made a difference and other feelings that were experienced intensely over this turbulent period.

Watch the animated versions (with sound) by clicking on the corresponding titles/ keywords below:

Mirror of Self Reflection

Pink Palace of Reflection


Digital Surveillance