3D illustration & animation // life of miss focket // clients include: Adobe, Adult Swim, Burning Man, The New Yorker, etc // US & UK represented by Snyder New York

Since starting my journey working with 3D software, to create my own digital world and live it through my alter ego Polly Focket, I had not thought about my visual identity in the context of an artists logo.

Finally taking the time to conceptualize and visualize my own logo I doubted whether I should use my own name or Polly's. A logo made to assert myself as the artist to the broader world I did decide to use my artist name (Loulou João) presented through and by Miss Focket's hands.

The alter ego as a portrait for the artist, portraying the artist as a crossed consciousness coming full circle. The sleek and streamlined movements of the fingers writing along a predetermined path as a snapshot of this intertwined consciousness. Showing that one can not exist without the other.

** Featuring medium length acrylic nails as an ode to pop culture within the black Atlantic community. **