3D illustration & animation // life of polly focket

The idea for these squishy sculptures started when imagining Polly's room. Which elements would be present in her own space? She is an artist, there is no question there, but what would her artistic practice be? Without limiting her to only one art form it was decided to start with these sculptural objects. More importantly because of the elements these are made of ... a sort of squishy plastic macaroni.

Why macaroni? It must sound like utter rubbish, but there is a very fancy explanation for it.

We all made these macaroni artworks as a child. Decorating family pictures, a drawing for fathers day or making a necklace for mothers day. In a way a very naive and purely loving gesture. It is this expression of love, relief and softness that comes together in the sculpture project. As it is created in the world of Polly Focket it is of course squishable, making it an object to hug squeeze or smash (depending on your emotional needs).

Sculpture 2020_002 was placed on a bubblegum pink doric style plastic pedestal and consists of six macaroni elements (in the colors: deep sea blue, sky blue, bubblegum pink and candy corn yellow).