3D illustration & animation // life of polly focket

Since the beginning of the lockdown there has been such pressure to be your perfect self. Everybody started jogging as if they're training for a marathon. On social media, tv, etc you're being overstimulated with workout videos and a million tips on how to get the most out of being quarantined.

With Polly trying to film her own workout video there was this realisation that during this time it is even more important to take things slow. It is ok to just do nothing once in a while, you don't have to read all those books/ bake bread/ or whatever it is that people on social media do trying to proclaim themselves as these perfect beings.

So instead here is the first still life of the year portraying one of Polly's squishy sculptures, a  good portion of anxiety (shown as fire, squishy as well might I add) and a flower. These three objects are placed on a plastic roman style pedestal each of them on a different hight, showing their level of emotional intensity. Finally we see a piece of fabric (a towel perhaps?) messily thrown on the ground in all frustration.