3D illustration & animation // life of miss focket // clients include: Adobe, Adult Swim, Burning Man, The New Yorker, etc // US & UK represented by Snyder New York

Thanks to Zalando we can add a weekly goal to create something for their #styledayfriday competition. This time the category is flowerpower.

Her outfit got a flower overload! And in the back we see the flowers from her clothes making a comeback. The signature broken heart and sady (smiley but sad) are featured as well. Those two staple symbols have an overall important meaning throughout the world of Polly. In this case they stand for the struggles and hardships she endures but still comes out on top, stronger than ever! With this backdrop she is constantly reminded of what she has overcome in the past. Even that will not stop her to demand all the attention. In the animated version (link below) we can hear beyoncé's number diva in the background with an mc hyping her up saying: "do it again!" and "that's your runway!". And there she goes with her head held up high.

Watch the animated version here.