Loulou João is a young illustrator who is studying illustration at KASK in Ghent, Belgium. After following a minor in textile design she decided to focus on the embroidery technique with a computerised embroidery machine. This machine made it possible to combine illustration and embroidery without compromising too much of her own style. Consequently, she developed a way to get the most out of her work with this embroidery machine. By developing this technique, she now also  wants to reflect on its production process and translate it onto other techniques.

Eager to learn and to have her own label, Loulou João decided to found her own illustration label in combination with her ongoing studies. In June 2017, she partook in the concept NEST in Ghent, Belgium. This is a creative cooperative of different projects coming together in the old city library. And voila, her own label with a clothing line, exclusive visual artwork, printwork and embroidery was founded.

In August 2017 she took part in a competition organized by the city of Antwerp, Belgium. After presenting her work and pitching her concept she was selected to participate in “DE NIEUWE NATIE” (the new nation). Providing her with the opportunity to open a Pop Up studio/ shop in the center of Antwerp from December 2017 until the end of January 2018.

More to come!

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