3D illustration & animation // life of miss focket // clients include: Adobe, Adult Swim, Burning Man, The New Yorker, etc // US & UK represented by Snyder New York

As a visual artist specialised in 3D illustration & loopable animations (or how I like to call it: “moving illustrations”), you can be sure that any concept, text or idea will be turned into a visually pleasing, vibrant and quirky personal piece. This will be done in a way to ensure the readability, so your story can pop in its own way.


The beautiful thing about working with 3D software is that the possibilities are endless! Starting from (the obvious) illustration & animation. Besides that anything goes,  inflatables, printwork, patterns for textiles, fibreglass sculptures, etc. The list goes on and on!

Are you a brand, magazine, artist or any other kind of organisation that wants to collaborate with me? It would be lovely to hear from you and see where joining our forces can bring us.